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Originally established in Austin, TX, Cellular Machines is now a product line of Anaren, Inc. Our portfolio of products includes a wide variety of cellular based monitoring solutions. We have complete monitoring systems and supporting accessories that use nationwide cellular networks to send sensor-based text messages and data over-the-air to a mobile phone or desktop.

Anaren monitoring systems are suitable for a wide range of markets and applications where the accurate, continuous, and remote monitoring of environmental factors are critical. Our system monitors temperature, humidity, city power, light, and more AND provides an additional measure of asset protection. Why? Because sensor data collected by our monitoring system is automatically logged on to a secure cloud server. This offers ease in reporting for compliance and preventative maintenance purposes, along with many other benefits.

Typical Applications Include:

Temp-controlled storage rooms and warehouses

  • Medical and pharmaceutical temp-controlled storage
  • Breweries, distilleries, and other points in the beverage supply chain
  • Paper, metals, electronics, and food storage facilities
  • Long-term storage facilities
  • Among many others

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