Case Histories


Cellular Machines Case Studies

Read these case histories on how Anaren's Temperature Monitoring System has helped these industries and can help yours too! 

The following are case histories on customers of the Temperature Monitoring System. Click on the PDF to read more.


Main Street Farm

Main Street Farms

Greenhouses, nurseries, and other controlled environment agricultural
operations and installations like Main Street Farms require consistent environmental conditions to maximize output, control quality, and protect valuable inventory. The Cellular Machines Temperature Monitoring Kit helps this business monitor the temperature of its primary greenhouse, which houses the company’s closed‐loop,
hydroponic garden/tilapia farm.

Leonard School District

School districts must constantly maintain proper temperatures for food storages to ensure the safety of prepared meals served to their students. The Cellular Machines temperature monitoring system helped out the Leonard Independent School District by providing a wireless monitoring solution for the school's food storage in their district.

Tarrytown Pharmacy


Storage of pharmaceuticals, biological samples, and other assets in the medical or life sciences field is critical. Precise temperature monitoring of refrigerators, freezers, and warmers is vital to ensure patient safety and prevent the loss of inventory. With our temperature monitoring system Tarrytown Pharmacy is able to properly monitor their various refrigeration units to avoid loss of inventory, and with data logging to the cloud they are able to generate reports necessary for regulatory compliance.

Midas Green Tech

Midas Green Tech Case History

Proper temperature monitoring in data centers and server rooms play a critical role in preventing large-scale damage to costly equipment and in the potential loss/compromise of customer's data. Midas Green Tech deployed the temperature monitoring system to continuously monitor and log their server room's temperature, power, UPS battery life, and humidity.