FA2 Temperature Monitoring Kit (value)

Temperature Monitoring Kit from Cellular Machines

Enjoy the peace of mind a remote temperature monitoring system can offer...

Are you looking for a temperature monitoring system to remotely monitor a refrigerator or other temperature-sensitive asset? Anaren's cellular temperature monitoring system has you covered. Once installed, our remote temperature sensors will collect data and send the results automatically to a designated cell phone and a cloud server for easy reporting.

The Cellular Machines FA2 Temperature Monitoring Kit includes:

  • 1 control station (FA2) with a power supply, which acts as the 'hub' of your monitoring system
  • 1 wireless pod (WTC-1); this works in concert with your temperature sensor to monitor coolers or freezers at a distance
  • 1 temperature sensor cord, 10 feet
  • And an installation hardware kit to mount each of the kit's devices

Also included is a quick start guide that explains everything you'll need to know to install your kit in minutes. 

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