Remote Monitoring Applications

Anaren's Temperature Monitoring systems can be used across a wide range of applications. Basically, anywhere there is an asset that must be managed or maintained in a controlled environment. Here are a few examples of instances or applications where our standard Temperature Monitoring Kit -- which provides you with 'alerts' to designated cellular phones and sends logged peformance data to a secure cloud server -- can be of great value.

Medical / Pharmaceutical

Proper storage of pharmaceuticals, biological samples, and other assets in the medical or life sciences field is oftentimes critical. (A perfect example is refrigeration of temp-sensitive vaccines.) Equally important is the need to track/confirm conditions in such environments - and to supply proof of conditions to regulatory authorities and agencies.

By automating the tracking of these assets - and recording the conditions to a secure cloud server, a Cellular Machines pharmaceutical temperature monitoring system helps you

(1) respond quickly in the event of a failure (preventing loss of costly inventory)

(2) reduce manual tracking costs

(3) generate reports necessary for regulatory compliance.



Food Service Industry Temperature Compliance

In a highly regulated industry, such as food service, compliance with local, state, and even federal mandates is critical in the success of day-to-day business.

This is particularly true in the arena of food storage, where consistent temperature control (e.g. refrigeration, freezing, heating, and re-heating) is not only important to compliance – but can directly impact consumer health and operating costs. The problem is, even though owners, managers, chefs, cooks, and staff alike know that significant attention needs to be paid to food temperatures – manual monitoring cooling and heating equipment is time-consuming and prone to human error.


Walk-in/Reach-in Refrigeration

From classic 'reach-in" retail refrigeration and freezer cases loaded with frozen goods, to "walk-in" coolers, warehouses, and distribution centers where temperature-sensitive good are stored in bulk our temperature monitoring kits can help. Our kits can be used in highly specialized industrial, commercial, and even residential contexts requiring consistent 'cooling'. Applications include but are not limited to: wine cellars, cooled industrial process infrastructure, meat/seafood processing facilities), and many others.

To determine if our solution is right for you, contact us today! For more information about remote temperature monitoring in general, also check out our Resources and Helpful Links page, or download our free white paper on the importance of monitoring.

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