Cellular Machines introductory video

For a 2-minute overview of the benefits of our Temperature Monitoring Kit(s), check out the video above!

Cellular Machines Temperature Monitoring Kit Quick Start Guide (video)

This Quick Start Guide video from Anaren offers a step-by-step walk through of the installation process for our Cellular Machines Temperature Monitoring Kit(s) -- which enable food service providers, healthcare providers, retailers/cold-storage warehouses, and numerous other users to remotely monitor refrigerated assets via a standard cellular network.

Q&A video with Cellular Machines Product Line Manager, Kurt Richardson

This approx 8 minute video is an informative Q&A session with Anaren's Kurt Richardson, product line manager for the company's Cellular Machines product line. In it, Richardson fields questions related to the advantages of using the Cellular Machines temperature monitoring kit in food-service, healthcare, and walk-in/reach-in refrigeration contexts. Along the way, he also touches on the technology options (pros/cons) available to these B2B applications.