Wireless Pods and Temperature Sensors

Cellular Machines WTC-1 wireless sensorThe cost of pulling sensor wires can be a significant part of any remote monitoring project. Our Cellular Machines wireless pods (WTC-1) eliminate that hassle and allow non-technical personnel to install monitoring devices quickly.

Simply mount your temperature sensor relative to the refrigeration unit; connect the sensor cord to the pod; and the pod unit will wirelessly connect to your centrally located control station up to hundreds of feet away. You may also wish to consider adding a sensor dampening device (not included with kit) to sensors where false alarms from rapidly changing air temperatures is a concern; learn more.

> Order our wireless pod

> Order matching plug-in temperature sensor (10 ft)

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Each wireless pod has a five-year battery life and hundreds of feet in range inside typical commercial structures

Inside buildings with walls and metal structures, you can expect the wireless connection between your wireless pod and your control station to reach a range of hundreds of feet, depending on the structure's construction.

Can be used with most Cellular Machines sensors

The wireless pod can be used with any Cellular Machines product. The key restriction is that the wireless pod cannot be used (at present) in combination with the wired system approach.

Wireless Pod Specifications

Number of temperature sensors per remote device: 4

Number of wireless pods per control box: 4

Length of sensor wire, maximum: 600′ aggregate

Type of connector: RJ-10

Wire type: ultra thin ribbon wire