WM3 Temperature Monitoring Kit for Food Safety

Anaren’s Wireless Monitoring for Food Safety system is the ideal monitoring solution for food service professionals. This system features ITD Food Safety’s Temp-Taker® food probe with integrated checklist capability and Anaren’s cellular gateway with wireless temperature sensors to offer the most complete solution in the industry. 

The gateway continuously monitors a variety of temperature-sensitive equipment, such as coolers, freezers, and walk-in refrigerators. Temperature data from the Temp-Taker is sent to the cloud via the gateway for easy viewing and compliance reporting, and to mobile phones for status and alarm text messages. These cloud reports and mobile alerts help protect your inventory, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce liability, and can assist in preventive maintenance.


The Wireless Monitoring for Food Safety kit includes:

  • Features ITD Food Safety's Temp Taker food probe
  • Cellular gateway, which sends temperature data to the cloud
  • Temperature sensors, featuring a 15' wire and can plug directly into the gateway or into a wireless pod for expanded range capabilities
  • Wireless pods to monitor your equipment at a distance
  • Credentials to the Anaren cloud for 24/7 access of remote monitoring
  • Accessories, including the power supply, batteries, hardware installation kit, and quick start guide

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■ Includes pre-activated cellular gateway to communicate with the Verizon network

■ Precise temperature monitoring, accurate up to ± 0.5°

■ Operates uninterrupted for up to 24 hours in the event of a power outage with battery backups

■ Includes local short-range wireless pods for connection of sensors hundreds of feet away

■ Store-and-forward capability of data storage, ensuring reporting accuracy and compliance in the event of a power outage

■ Immediately sends text message and email alerts to designated email addresses and mobile phones

■ Alarm history is stored on the cloud


■ Builds custom checklists for opening, closing, and numerous other routines

■ Instantly delivers temperatures upon probing food

■ Includes customizable temperature taking programs, safe temperature zones, and corrective options

■ Configurable alarms, countdown timer, and stopwatch 

■ Connects to gateway via USB connection for quick transfer of food temperature data to the cloud


■ Over 250 users, 2,000 foods, and 6,000 temperature checklists and events can be stored in the Temp-Taker

■ Reduces cost and increases associate productivity by removing time spent on manual reporting

■ Installs and works in under 15 minutes with no technical expertise required -- simply follow the Quick Start Guide

■ System continuously monitors temperature-sensitive equipment, sending status, alarm, and power outage text messages

■ Ensures compliance with regulatory agencies for temperature monitoring requirements

■ Automatically stores temperature data to the cloud for review, analysis, and corrective measures

■ System grows as your needs grow, and can be expanded to include as many as 16 sensors (up to four sensors per pod, up to four pods per gateway) to monitor temperature in a variety of locations


■ Food service establishments, including restaurants, school districts, government and corporate facilities, and hospitality

■ Walk-in/reach-in refrigeration, such as refrigerated distribution centers, grocers, and convenience stores

■ Anywhere precise temperature monitoring is required for food safety compliance